This camera has altitude!

Introducing the Giraffe Camera.

A purpose built high-reach inspection camera to enable you to reach in to difficult spaces such as roof cavities, pipes and areas that are too high to reach.

Small and flexible to reach in to those difficult places.

We live in a world of cameras. They view, they record, they watch, and they warn.

They are a tool, left, right, up, down and round the corner !

The Giraffe Telescopic Reach Camera fulfils these purposes. Again, it views, it magnifies, it extends to 5.4 metres, it records.

It is mobile and contained in an aluminum suitcase.

The Giraffe Camera is perfect for working in industries such as roofing, plumbing, drainage, pipes gutters, property valuations, presale inspections, and quotations.

We can add search and rescue, survey work and wildlife!

The extendable camera is infinitely mobile , quick to assemble, and their use is chargeable!

Telescopic Pole Camera

The giraffe telescopic inspection camera can be used for a number of different tasks, including underwater inspection, guttering, checking inside pipes, tanks and much more.

The sky is the limit.

Consider Health & Safety

Work Safe advocate all manner of safety equipment to be used when working at height.

Harness equipment and straps, scaffolds, and scissor lifts, add nets, padding and helmets

Ladders are out.

Only available from Vacuum Brands in New Zealand

First shipment has arrived!